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If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, you can take advantage of our Ask a Lawyer program. We provide free legal advice regarding financial matters. Ask us about anything related to your financial problems including bankruptcy, short sales, foreclosures, auto repossessions, etc.

Sometimes financial circumstances change, and we’re no longer able to enjoy the standard of living that we once possessed. We understand your situation, and we’re here to help.

Ask a Lawyer

Submit a detailed question through the contact form to the right. Usually one of our experienced debt specialist will try to contact you and get a better understanding of your situation. This person, based on their experience working with hundreds of Utah residents like yourself, will then provide you with some remedies to your problems.

If the questions are of a technical nature, your question will be directly submitted to an experienced attorney. If it appears that our services could benefit you or your family, we can schedule an appointment for you to come into our office.

Following are just a few of the legal practice areas that we can assist you with:

  • Estate Planning
  • Collections
  • Business Law
  • Auto repossessions
  • Home foreclosures
  • Short sales

Free Sources of Legal Information in Utah

If you intend to represent yourself in court or if you need help filling out a form, Utah has free legal clinics, which can assist you with this. Be advised that the people working at free legal clinics usually won’t represent you in court, but they will refer you an attorney who can help you.

At Law Offices of Ryan E. Simpson, P.C., we’re in the business of helping people reduce their debts and regain financial control of their lives. We’ve help hundreds of families throughout Utah, and we’re here to fight for you. We can stop wage garnishments, repossessions, foreclosures, creditor harassment, and much more.

Contact us today and let us know how we can assist you.

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