Family Law and Divorce

36086169 - woman is taking off the wedding ringDivorce. No couple gets married with plans to divorce, but it unfortunately does happen sometimes. In the state of Utah, a family law attorney is not necessarily required in order to file for a divorce, but it is highly recommended to simplify the process and alleviate undue stress.

How Family Law is Applied in Court

Utah allows no-fault and at-fault divorce, which must be determined by the divorcing parties. No-fault divorces are typically quicker and less costly, and most couples, for the sake of expedience, choose to file no-fault. A family law attorney will guide you through this process. This allows both parties to walk away without having any blame assigned to either, and irreconcilable differences is the most commonly sighted reason in a no-fault case.

However, if the parties cannot peaceably come to an agreement on who is responsible for the filing to become necessary, Utah allows fault-based divorce. A few of these reasons include adultery, neglect, desertion for more than a year, and habitual drunkenness. Hopefully none of these apply to you, but if they do, you should hire a family law attorney.

Get Ready

Once the decision has been reached on how to go about filing, you need to be proactive in preparing yourself for the process to follow. This is the time to think about what you are wanting to accomplish and what goals you would like to set for yourself. One of the first things you will need to do is contact a competent and experienced family law attorney and Ryan E. Simpson will be glad to take your case.

The next step is to figure out your family’s financial situation. You can begin by gathering bank statements, insurance information, savings accounts, investments, property, and any other paperwork significant in monetary matters for your attorney. Take into account all your debts and liabilities, such as car notes, student loans, mortgage, and credit card debt that has been accrued through the marriage.

Listen Up

Be sure to listen to the counsel given by your family law attorney. When you are in the middle of a divorce, many people who have gone through similar situations before you will have advice. However, each situation is unique and your attorney is committed to doing what is best for you in your position. They will provide only consultation which is beneficial to your case, and you have paid them to represent you, so turn to them with your questions and they will handle them professionally.

Be realistic in your expectations of the outcome of your divorce. Your attorney will do everything they can to ensure your goals are met, but know that you will have to make some concessions and compromises. Your spouse’s family law attorney will be doing the same for them, and will be advising them much as yours is advising you.

Let the Kids Be Kids

If you have children together, a good family law attorney will be working in the child’s best interest as well. It is important that your kids do not feel pulled from one “side” to another. Children need to have a positive relationship with both of their parents, and tensions between you and your spouse will put undue stress on the kids and make it more difficult for them. Put your differences aside in front of your children and they will thank you for it.

At the end of the day, divorce isn’t something most people really want, but when it happens, you need an attorney with relevant experience and knowledge to make your divorce process go as smoothly as one could hope. The Law Offices of Ryan E. Simpson are here to lend knowledge and experience to your case. We are happy to consult and advise you with any questions you may have. If you are need of family law services, please contact us today.

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